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So we need to do an update here as we have missed out alot of information to share and we have had a busy time recently, hopefully we can give you some information you want.

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The Updates are back! (For now)

So welcome to our latest update and hopefully we can give you some information you want. Let's kick off by saying we have opened our forums up for users for the next week (until the 18th August) for members to join up 2 months in advance for our official site opening, we are also working on improving the site fully with a major overhaul from the work in progress site you may see. To hit our forums press 1 (or click this link -

What we have been up to (Recently)

So we have been working hard at Zone and now have a clear set on what content we Will be giving you upon launch (but we won't tell you just yet), we can say we have had a tough couple of months working hard and we will be launching Kickstarter soon to help us, but for that we need support from everyone possible and we need more fans so help us build our community (you will be rewarded). Our Kickstarter won't be short of rewards either that is if you like in-game exclusives and website exclusives.
Moving on we will be uploading a lot of new are to Indie DB for you to see although our Facebook fans may have seen some of them (not a fan like us please here - Now on to better things we will be launching an invite only Alpha and Beta test next year some time as well as a public Beta shortly after them both. We will later on this year announce details about our Shadow and Mythic packs that are two very unique and exclusive packs that will make you one special person if you get one of these packs (never mind both) These packs are both physical and virtual meaning you don't just get in-game items with them you also get some other special items for your room, as well as special rights on our forums.

Going Loud (Very Loud)

Our first milestone build is next month this will allow us to show you some gameplay and also we will be talking to publishers about our game, and we have been working on a very strong build and pitch to make our game stand out as an Arcade project. Customization is one of our big points, but if you like Space combat we'll be showing that off sometime at the end of this year too. Also we will be hitting game conferences next year to boost our presence and if our site hits certain member milestones (as well as Facebook and Twitter) we'll cram in more special items for you all.

Time to jump off (A Base Jump)

Time for me to sign out and leave you all be I'll upload all the images and content very soon, but please sign up to our forums and like us on Facebook, we'll appreciate and reward it!

Bye All!

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