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Alright. Our team will make a little BIG update at this game wich will change a lot from it. No, we don't change the map or something in the game, just we add a little more spicy things. To understand better, read the content. -Angelein Krips, Black Grizzly Studios Designer, Map Creator and Sound Maker

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Alright. As I said, this game will be a little more dramatically. We will add something to the storyline. Here is the entire story:

"1948. A new rich family is moving alone in a private place wich contains a ruin. Their child, Max was playing on the ruins of the forest when sudenly falls and is killed by a rock. After his death, his parents was so sad and they suicided because they can't take the pressure. Meanwhile, another family had bought the place and demolished the old house and made another one more "futuristic" one. That happened in 2008. But that new family had some dreams wich the old owners of that place (The Max and his parrents) sais "LEAVE THIS PLACE OR DIE WITH US!!" and after those creepy dreams, the family thought it's better to move than to die.

2013. A rich bussines man buys the place and wants to build a amusement park. The bussines man want to know if the place is haunted by the spirits of that family and he hires a photographer and puts him to take photos from that place, in special strange things. Now, you are playing the photograph and you need to take photos or record videos from that place, but only night appears the spirits. The better quality at photo, the more money you will be payed. But, why this child doesn't want to leave the place? What is he hidding? What went wrong? Is he bad or good? Did he died by a real fall in that rock? Would you want to know and help this little child? The end will be happy, or will be sad. The fells are in your hands....... Do what you think is better....."

Then we leave you to think what will be the story. Hint: We will add cinematics and freedom of choice in this game.

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