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New version of this mod uploaded in April 2022 - It adds the new WotN: The Baltic strat-map models for the Norse (Norwegian-Vikings and Gautland-Vikings), new Agents to Denmark and the other Norse, an updated Lagertha-model in both battle and on the map - now with a fixed nomal-file by Peaman, it has updated garrisons, recruitment, traits/ancillaries by Speeda395, removed the Rebels, Vikings & the Magyars from the Playable Factions & the Ui'Neil has 8 new units, Alba 1.

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Wrath of the Norsemen: The Baltic Release Version 3.5:

Installation: (Steam)

1. You need to go into the folder named "Medieval II Total War" and then copy the file named "medieval2.exe" - then rename the copied file to kingdoms.exe. This is needed or the mod won't launch with Steam.

2. You might need to patch the medieval2.exe and the kingdoms.exe with a program named "4gb patch" found at this link (this is needed for demanding mods like Hyrule, Warcraft and Divide and Conquer but might not be needed with this mod):

3. It's a program, extract it anywhere on your computer, then run it as an administrator - then browse to both .exe-files inside of the "Medieval II Total War"-folder and select one of them and click on "patch" - then repeat the process with the other one.

4. You need to have just one folder named "Last_Kingdom" as in "Steam\steamapps\common\Medieval II Total War\mods\Last_Kingdom - and then You'll start it by double-cllicking the "Executable".bat-file.

5. With the CD instead it would be "D:\Games\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\mods\Last_Kingdom - and you'll still start it by double-clicking on the "Executable".bat-file.

IMPORTANT: The Last Kingdom: Wrath of the Norsemen version 4.5 is a stand-alone sub-mod of "The Last Kingdom" - itself a finished mod released in 2013 - and shouldn't be copied over the 2013-release as it already is built upon that release.

Also, it already is including the Unofficial 4.0 Patch, which was done manually in 2017 by using a tool known as "Total Commander" that enabled me to compare every changed file of the "Unofficial 4.0 Patch" with the "Wrath of the Norsmeen"-sub-mod - then I managed to add the changes to the sub-mod that I made without causing incompatibility with any file - if you attempt to move the outdated Unofficial Patch over the sub-mod you will cause the sub-mod not to work properly.

The Unofficial 4.0 Patch is a patch for the 2013-release of The Last Kingdom and aimed to improve upon that version. My "Wrath of the Norsemen"-sub-mod is a different update of the same 2013-release and I've already implemented the changes of the Unofficial Patch to it - the ones that I wanted that is.

A video that shows one way to install the mod can be found here if you prefer that:

Install in two ways if you have the CD-version:

Custom Mod Music:

Just create a folder inside of the sounds-folder inside of the "Last_Kingdom/data/Sounds" and copy the vanilla music files to it, then move out the custom music from the folder named "Custom MOD Music" and place in the sounds-folder where the vanilla music is located currently, in order to play the mod with the custom music.

The vanilla music has been re-implemented because Youtubers might run into trouble with videos being silenced or blocked in certain countries otherwise.

Version 4.5 changelog:

New traits/ancillaries, stats/costs and barracks-recruitment by Speeda325

1. - Speeda325 made some personal modifications to the mod where he added new stats/balance/costs between units, new ancillaries/traits such as proper titles when you conquer for example Bebbanburgh and 1 turn later will become "Lord of Bebbanburgh" as Uthred as an example, recruitment redone by him as well for all the factions to be like Gwynedds, in which you need to develop cities and construct later barrack-levels to get better units.

Speeda395 wrote:

"Changes. Everything is Work In Progress but if someone else wants to finish the rest they can if they give credit. There are 3 main changes:

1.Unit stats and text.

1. Changes to all the unit-stats and some costs - almost all the units have the same total defense-values but allocated in different areas. Some units have changed text-descriptions. Units with no visual armor will have no armor-stats.

There are culture-specific bonuses:

. Southern factions get +1 to metal armor as they have better metal.
. Northern factions get +1 to fur as they need thicker fur in the North.
. Magyars get +2 to Metal Armour (i think its been a while) as they need to be dangerous.

- Some units (O'Neill horsemen) should be recruit-able for Alba.

2. Ancillaries for titles (eg Lord of Bebbanburgh) including title for king of O'Neill and Gautland. Everything is WIP so some places wont have any.

To obtain almost all ancillaries a character has to be in the desired settlement with 100% movement
then end the turn, there will be a chance to get the lord-title (at the moment it's around 100% but will change later). Some ancillaries are locked behind conditions such as the king of the Picts, to get this the leader must unite Pictland and have 100% movement and end the turn in the Albian Capital of Inverness.

3. I've completely changed the use of the barracks for the factions (now they are like Gwynedd in terms of their recruitment). Alba is the strongest early-game as they mainly have armor-less units, late-game the others have the lead as they have more heavy units.

Note that the Ancillaries have text, but I've mainly done it for Alba. Most things will need to be re-balanced I think slash changed but the base is good."


I've added the Ui'Neil-horse to the Kingdom of Alba like he wanted.

2. The Kingdom of the Ui'Neil has 8 new units!

The Kingdom of the Ui'Neil has many new units!

I've finally taken the time and implemented the rest of the planned units for this faction - the Kingdom of the Ui'Neill.

Gaul of the mod "De Bello Mundi" had the same base-models so I borrowed the units from there with permission.

The Ui'Neil factional roster is a mix between the Gaul-roster of De Bello Mundi and some other older versions of the models - I do believe they were made by the same guy. The style is identical.

So this roster had been planned to have these units already back in December 2017 but it took until now before I actually implemented them.

They've been implemented to the custom battles, and into the recruitment of the campaign.

3. The Kingdom of Alba have a new Mounted Javeliner shared with the Ui'Neil:

Kingdom of Alba updated roster - Six new units!

4. The Magyars, Spawning Vikings and the Rebels made unplayable!

The Magyars, Spawning Vikings and the Rebels made unplayable!

You can no longer play as the Magyars (a Horde Faction), the spawning and immortal "Vikings"-faction nor as the Rebels - originally I did want the Magyars playable but they were never intended to be played by the original team behind The Last Kingdom, and they were difficult to get working properly - so in the end I decided to revert them back to their old state where they will spawn late-game as a challenge on the map but won't be playable - they do still have their roster that I implemented back in 2017 for them.

The "Vikings"-faction is a spawning faction that spawns at certain dates to emulate real history - they will invade the player at certain turns just like the Magyars will, but work more like the Rebels in how they play - this faction is I believe a 2nd "rebel-faction" implemented for scripted invasions, they are as such immortal just like the rebel-faction and not intended to be played - I originally wanted the faction playable back when I used to enjoy playing as every faction in hotseat-campaigns - but this was back then. Now they're back to how they were originally intended to be - unplayable.

The Rebel-faction was used by me to play-test the mod back in 2017 and 2018. I did forget to disable them as "playable" before uploading the mod - now they're removed as well.

This means a cleaner selection screen.

5.New strat-models from Wrath of the Norsemen: The Baltic implemented to the mod!

New strat-models from WotN: The Baltic implemented to the mod!

I've implemented the new Shield Maiden-spy, the berserkir-assassin and heretic, the vikingr-soldier and the Kertilsveinar-general to this mod.

Of course not all the generals were needed as Denmark is using a different roster in this mod so they've kept the old models - and Svitjod and Gutland weren't needed.

6. New Lagertha strat-map model and an updated battle-model (the normal-file of the battle-model fixed by Peaman on April 17th 2022 - it used to have an issue in the light with the face)!

New Lagertha strat-map model and an updated battle-model!

medieval2 2022 04 20 13 18 33 86 1

I've finally updated the battle-model of Lagertha with a new version using a helmet as seen previously in the other mod - but here she is also using the shield-texture from the show and a better normal-file.

A unique strat-model has been added to this mod for the character, and unlike in Wrath of the Norsemen: Tha Baltic she has her TV-show shield-texture here instead of the Swedish colors.

So Lagertha is a part of the Kingdom of Denmark in this mod - here lead by Ragnar Lothbrok - of course Ragnar started as the Crown Prince of Svitjod but would later earn himself the throne of Denmark - the most powerful seat of the Norse!

The Lidsmenn has been fixed in battle in this mod now as well.

7. New starting garrisons - they're now smaller and do consist of basic troops!

New starting garrisons - they're now smaller and do consist of basic troops!

All the starting armies of all the playable factions and of the Rebels have been remade, resized and made smaller and weaker - the player will now start with basic troops mostly - with possibly some medium troops available - only the bodyguard is elite.

Rebel armies are way weaker.

Expect a campaign where you start with the basic stuff and will have to upgrade cities and their barracks in order to recruit better troops.

The Rebels needed to be weaker after I nerfed the playable factions.

Video-Overview of the new version of the sub-mod and its changes:


Version 4.5: Mr_Nygren and Speeda395 (Fix of the normal-file of the Lagertha battle-model by peaman).

Older Credits:

Version 4.0 Patch/Fix: Mr_Nygren

Version 3.9:

- Danova - For the base-mod of TLK.

- Absinthia - For the creation of new Saxon, Ui Néill and Gwynedd models - plus three of the new Albian models and four/five of the new Munster unit models.

- The War of the West-team - for the creation of the bigger part of the new Munster roster, based on their "Kingdom of the Isles"-roster - and for some basic units in use by the Albians and Saxons.

- Myself (Mr_Nygren) - For all the work on this submod, as i used the assets created by others but did all the work on updating the old TLK 3.06 into this version myself. - Coding, portraits, implementation of new units and factions, gameplay and everything else basically - such as the music-mod.

- WarcraftHero - For the Gautlandi new symbols, and for fixing a gamebreaking issue with diplomacy regarding the Gautland faction after it had been implemented.

- Jurcek1987 - For fixing the Gwynedd General model i think, as it had some issues.

- Paleologos - For providing me with his backup of the Absinthia Romano-Britton roster, after i found an old thread at TWC where he had been sent those units by Absinthia himself.

- Call of Warhammer & it's teamleader - For the Norscan units that i retextured and edited to fit in Denmarks roster!

- Smoesville - For his Ui Néill faction submod containing the symbols, stratmodels, text and cap/gen battlemodels (- I added the new roster, as his submod used the same roster as for Connacht.)

- Gigantus - For providing support.

Version 3.8:

- I myself (Mr_Nygren) did all the implementation of the settlements.

- Rhaymo and DBM - for the creation of the custom settlements in use by all factions.

- Rhaymo allows the use of DBM assets in other mods - alas i have permission to use the custom settlements.

- The EoR-mod and Deutschland etc - for the new slavic textures applied to the custom settlements by Rhaymo - the Viking custom settlements have re-textures from EoR.

- I am also an official developer of EoR (East of Rome) and Deutschland himself approved of this - i've gotten Darius permission to use assets from"The Danube Limes" in WotN - and as the custom settlements are Rhaymo's and were free to use for everyone i'd say permission exists for the re-textures also.

Version 3.07:

I made this submod only by myself- but there are some people who deserves both credit and mentioning:

Danova & team - For the base TLK-MOD!

Absinthia - for the WotN-units such as the Franks, the Northumbrians and the new Vikings - also a thank you to Leif Ericsson for the Vigamenn - Absinthia and Horsa were fine with me using the units, as i am also a developer on WotN currenly - and they told me that Leif would probably be more upset than happy if i didn't include his unit (the Vigamenn) also. I guess i was fine with Absinthia giving thumbs up on that one. TLK and WotN were created by different teams around the same time period - and i know about Horsa and Danova having a sharing agreement which we are playing upon in WotN: Grand Campaign.

Thanks to Heathen Storm also if you have done anything on the units.

But mostly, this was all Absinthias work and he should have credit for the bigger part of the rosters.

Thanks to Darius - for allowing me to use parts of East of Rome: Danube Limes in Wrath of the Norsemen - as this is an "expansion" in the middle of the two WotN-releases - with a clear WotN-connection - i assume this was fine as well - because i got permission for the big one. And this is the same thing but set only in Britain and smaller parts of Europe. Thanks for allowing the use.

Then i wanna thank Wino - for his advice on using Total Commander to help me add his changes on-top of my own submod - thanks man! Would have been very hard without that program.

Thanks to crosscheck86 for his "Swedish Accents"-modification - which i added in with permission from him, and which adds Swedish voices to the Norsemen and Danes! There were no Danish nor Norwegian voices to be found. And it suits the Swedish rebels well.

And finally to Rhaymo, the creator of DBM - for using some of the music of his mod. Not that he ownes the music but it was still in use in his mod.

I wanna thank Derek Fiechter, an artist - for letting me use his song "Celtic Music Instrumental - Avalon" in the mod - on condition of mentioning him.

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