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The Last Dogma is now available on Steam for PC and SteamOS.

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The Last Dogma is now available on Steam for purchase. It got a massive 1.3 update and features a SteamOS (Linux) version, which is a Steam exclusive and has a couple of exclusive voiced lines.

DRM-Free releases ( and IndieGameStand) have been updated to 1.3 as well.

"Cross-buy" option is there - wherever you buy the game, you always get a key. buyers get it in a few hours, IGS buyers get it from the IGS store (please note that keys for IGS will be deployed only in a few days after release, not instantly).

If you completed the game, you can now read Story Explanation / Developer Commentary.

Village / Forest

Troublemaker's Blood Red Dimension

Year 1366, Cold Castle

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