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This article covers the v1.1 release. Make sure to check all the changes.

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Version 1.1 of the mod has been released on the steam workshop and comes with all the new things that have been covered in the first two development diaries. The changes are mentioned below:
-benders can pass down their ability to childern
-bumi has flopsie
-azula can obtain ty lee and mai
-characters can now obtain a hunter anciillary
-katara can learn bloodbending
-benders can become talented benders and then sifu
-waterbenders can learn healing abilities
-toph can learn metalbending
-added lightning bending trait
-added dragon of the west
-beifong, southern and northern tribe are now titles passed down to children
-aang can learn the elements in the order as he should do -aang will get traumatised if he visits the southern air temple
-kuei can not move out of ba sing se
-spawn rate of pirates even further reduced
-edited the descriptions and names of various traits to fit the theme
-removed several traits for not fitting with the theme
-fire nation now has a circus instead of a teahouse
-Models of characters have been completely redone
-added quotes from show
-mismatch between overlay and underlay of the earth kingdom city is fixed
-sandbenders do not shoot water anymore
-dai li is now available for the fire nation once they take ba sing se
-updated starting faction relations
-new water effects for settlements
-ba sing se now works -new ground textures
-ozai will become the phoenix king when bumi and kuei are eliminated and azula obtains ty lee and mai and will be able to move out of the capital.
-more battle music added -balancing of missile units has been changed, earthbenders have the weakest and leasta accurate projectiles (except for dai li) but the greatest range and angle to fire at (130 and 50 respectively), while firebenders have the shortest and smallest range and angle (105 and 30 respectively). Waterbenders are in the middle but have very low defence compared to the earthbenders and firbenders. The mercenary archers now have a range of 150 and the yuyan 170 which makes them useful for sniping benders.
-new impact effects for earth projectiles
-fixed classification of several heavy infantry units
-new projectile models
-new unit models for southern water tribe, dai li, firebender, earthbender, yuyan
-fixed big pirate navies

Several other units have also been updated have been added:

Be sure to check the discord


KurdishNomad - making the mod (unit models & textures, battlemap models & textures, strat models & textures, campaign map, ui, banners, bending animations etc.), parts of main menu
Hector - Helping with the implementation of vegetation on the battle map and parts of the menu UI
Dagovax - Helping with the implementation of bending animations and adding sound effects as well as creating many useful scripts and plugins to speed up various modding tasks
Drtad - collection of quotes, testing and feedback
Kashyyyk - descriptions of campaigns, diplomacy, units and events, testing and feedback
Wlesmana and LOTRTW team - base of the animations pack like two handed sword/spear unit animations. Use of ground textures as a base for new ATLA style ground textures
Velserin - Making a batch file to more easily start up the mod, making icon, making additional loading screens, testing and feedback
Trio - Testing and feedback
Lanjane - Testing and feedback
Greg Bugatti - Testing and feedback
Loqa - Testing and feedback
manicx - Main menu background video
Partyzap - testing and feedback
Ser Tabby - testing and feedback
Master Mucher - testing and feedback
Ekul - testing and feedback
Slamming_Fella - teting and feedback
Many toolmakers such as Wilddog and Makanyane of IWTE and Vercingetorix, Redfox, Dagovax- Providing tools to make many aspects of modding possible
RTW modding community - Aiding me in the termination of many errors and hurdles.

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