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Information on the various lands of Zenoa, including Albion, Galcia, Fujitake, and the Wysteria Woods.

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The Kingdom of Albion
Albion is a part of Zenoa's mainland, lying south of Galcia and East of the Wysteria Woods. The government of Albion is akin to a Constitutional Monarchy: The King is merely a figurehead, while the real power is held by the Great Council of Albion. The Council consists of a number of representatives from the various areas of the land, each of whom hear issues and such from leader appointed by larger settlements within their areas. Albionites are noted as looking like completely average people.

The land Galcia lies on the Northern end of the mainland, sitting above the Kingdom of Albion. Galcia consists of a loose alliance of autonomous City-States, the three major ones being that of the Aves, the Lupine, and the Felidae. Galcians are notable in their appearance due to the fact that they possess animal features. The Aves are bird-people who have wings, the Lupine possess the features of wolves, and the Felidae have the features of cats and other felines.

Fujitake lies on an Eastern island separate from the mainland. Its government is an Empire, ruled by their Emperor with the help of a number of Great Families. Said Great Families constantly at odds, each vying for the Emperor's favor. Fujitakeans are noted for their pale eyes.

The Wysteria Woods
The Wysteria Woods lie on the Western end of the mainland. It is an ancient place, existing since the birth of Zenoa. The Woods are ruled over by a being known as the Wysteria King.

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