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  • Hello there, welcome to my second mod called: The Land Wars.
  • The Story is on 1036 Year, the XI Centruy, there*s a 6 Factions are fighting, the war is on Casgar World.
  • Factions: Curodnoia: They just a simple guys, infantry is not good and not bad..
  • Nasgar: Good Infantry and Archers, they don*t use shields to much.
  • Sagits: They very good on flat battlefields, but not at sieges
  • Kingdom of Norvergr: A strong masterpiece tough infantry and good archers
  • Kingdom of Sardhoks: A very defended guys, strong crossbowmen and they very defended at sieges
  • Jares: Good Cavalry and Archers, but infantry is not good than cavalry and archers
  • Rulers:
  • Curodnoia: King Carthaus, a great man, and his loyal faction.
  • Nasgar: King Waroglosiglek, a good man, long name, but he*s good too. Sagit: Genjar Khan, a not bad and not good man.
  • Norvegr: Sea King Regnar III, a very great man, he*s a masterpiece, he*s train his troops very strong
  • Sardhoks: King Sravarth: Good man, very defended.
  • Jars: Sultan Ayzar
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