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A summary of what the workshop is all about, and ideas for the future.

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Okay folks, welcome to the Porting and Kitbash Workshop for Jedi Academy and Movie Battles 2!

This is a private group where folks can exchange ideas and resources when it comes to making and releasing new content for the JA community - with particular emphasis on character models made through kitbashing or frankensteining.

Potential uses for this content include, but are not limited to:

- A character pack release (similar to the KOTOR Pack found here on Moddb).

- FA (Full Authentic) replacements for Movie Battles 2.

- Resources for use in larger mods that are currently WIP (The Saga Mod, Dark Pasttime, etc).

Note: Any resources shared in the workshop should not be shared outside the group until the original creator is ready for them to be released. This is to ensure incomplete models and works-in-progress don't end up on the community until they're in a presentable format.

If you have a suggestion for a new modder to invite to the group, just suggest them below!

Some ideas for future content:

- I'm hoping to learn how to rig vehicles for JKA using existing models. The first model I want to try this on is the BARC speeder. Any knowledge or tutorials about vehicle rigging would be appreciated.

- Either a Clone Wars (TV) or SWTOR FA release for MB2.

- Anything else? Share away.



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