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Introduction to the destructible floating islands of Etherion.

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"The Islands of Etherion float whimsically above the pale pink Miasma that leaks endlessly from the depths of Oblivion. The sun breaks the horizon with captivating beauty betraying your eye from the danger below. Yet beware the twilight - as the sun sets, phantoms rise. Endless in number, powerful, tireless, hungry... to them we are only food, feeding the mist with our magical power. Night falls and the Miasma is on the rise, best make your way topside. Few survive the night below the mist..."


The islands are kept afloat by Aetherion crystals called Float-Stones, which hold magic like batteries. When the magic runs low or the float stones are mined, the island loses altitude and falls below the mist.

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The islands are made of Voxels and can be tunneled for minerals and Float-Stones. or destroyed with powerful magic. Many Islands hold Ruins of the old world and you can tunnel to discover them (treasure hunting) The Ruins hold lore that grants new spells and abilities but is guarded by powerful traps and monsters to protect their secrets.

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Miasma rises at night, making the areas that were safe during the day very dangerous by continually spawning monsters in an effort to destroy the Float-Stones that power the islands. When an island falls the Miasma feeds on its inhabitants.



The islands have different climates and vegetations depending on their altitude.

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