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After our initial launch, "The Invasion" mod team (brought to you by Pure Unadulterated Entertainment) is now looking for ONLY THREE (3) new members to add at this moment!

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"The Invasion" mod team is now looking for ONLY THREE (3) members to add. The team currently consists of three original team members as of this moment, and is looking to expand every three to four weeks. This is a very serious project (but I assure you those of us working on it now are having a lot of fun) so we only ask for the help of those who have a decent amount of time to spare a few nights every week. The monthly recruits (barring exceptions or lack of recruit necessity) should expect and assume the following:

- - - A meeting over voice or chat communications once every week to two weeks.
- - - A consistent workload that is not required but expected to be achieved.
- - - A desire to make enjoyable mod(s) now and possibly in the future.
- - - A fair amount of experience in the FIELD you are applying for.

An important note before looking at the help we are searching for - We encourage ALL those interested in taking on a serious project of this magnitude to apply, no matter what necessity is issued! Any members who are onboard at the beginning of this project and future projects will have a noticeable hand in project visuals and experiences. You will be given access to further mod content information as you progressively meet the requirements listed above. While we eventually will require more than just three (3) new team members, we are cautiously taking in select, exceptional DEVELOPERS to weed out those who may not fit our schedule, desire, creativity, and/or work ethics:

+ Concept Artist (Weapons, World [Levels], Characters)
+ 3D Artist (HIGH current necessity - Various Modeling - previous work may be required)
+ Level Designer (ALL applicants will have a chance to be accepted, no set necessity)
+ Sound Artist (Music and/or game sounds - LOW current necessity - check back soon!)
+ Voice Artist (Character and "Narrative" voices - LOW current necessity - check back soon!)
+ Web Designer (Have excellent experience with flash/html - Taking this developer as an exception if skill is shown - LOW current necessity - check back soon!)

Good luck to all those who may be interested!
See you in a couple of days!

Contact Remani at: (E-mail)
Rainman3089 (AIM)

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