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Something about this mod,as you can see,it will be a long term work.

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen!
Welcome to the first public promotional post of Zero Hour mod "Postmortem".
Postmortem (PM for short) is an unofficial mod for Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour, developed by Broken Stars. The story happens in 2018 A.D, 5 years after Zero Hour, when an reassembled GLA emerges again and spreads across the globe like cancer. China and USA fights against the new GLA around the globe while watching each other in the back -- what happened in the five years have torn the relationship between the two countries unmendable.

1. What is the background of Postmortem?

Basically just the second anti-GLA war 5 years after Zero Hour. Currently we can't reveal much but there will be a new alternative timeline addressing how our timeline has diverted into Generals and Postmortem one. Countries existing in real life act quite differently in this new timeline, and you will see countries like the Union State of Aldastan from the original Generals story, the fictional Democratic Federal Republic of Korea and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from real history.

2. What factions are in Postmortem?

The main factions are China,USA and GLA,same like Generals, but the sub-faction generals themselves are different. For each main faction there will be 4 new generals and a vanilla faction. With the ongoing development, these new generals will be gradually released.

3.What will Postmortem look like?

We will be close to the original Generals aesthetic, that is, between realistic and futuristic. Just like in Generals where we could see real world weaponry like F-22 and Scud launcher, battling imaginary ones like Overlord tank and Aurora bomber, we draw inspiration form various sources like unused game units, experimental projects of real life countires, 80-90s and early millennium Si-Fi film/television art design and some brand new designs from our artists.
In general, the outlook of the US units will lean towards near future Si-Fi, GLA will look likw a variety of real-world terrorist organizations guerrillas or even Mad Max stuff, and the PLA will go a similar to the original version of the countrified punk style - although the exterior looks retro, nside there are a variety of secret black technology. Of course, we will also put in ZTZ-99 main battle tanks, J-20 fighter jets, and more modern equipment (with an earthy yellow coloring). After all, in Generals, PLA has MiG 1.44 fighter jets, Ka-27/29 Heilx helicopters and Inferno Cannons which based on Msta-S Howitzer in fact, not really all 60-70s junks.

4. What is the progress for Postmortem?

It's going slowly. Most of our members are busy working or studying. We welcome new members to collaborate on ini and models to accelerate the development. Also we are planning on adding new voicelines for new units so if you are interested you can also sign up to participate.

5.When can I play Postmortem?

The answer is "soon", alas. For an old game with old enthusiasts who have real life things to deal with, we can only invest so much free time into this project. We don't earn money from the game, so we don't promise much.Anyway, we must be patient.

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