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We've got a little Inside Post this month. Yet, a very important one! So let's get to it! Summary: 1-I'm back for good!; 2-I need your help!

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1-I'm back for good!

I'm finished (well I will be finished) with my final exams! I'm ending my school years, and I will enter College next year. And I will have plenty of time to work at home on my projects!
Also, I wasn't accepted where I wanted for my summer job. So I'll be at home with a lot of time to spare. Which means I will be able to work harder on my projects! Perfect.
That is the first good news.

2-I need your help!

If you are a mapper for the Source Engine or would like to give some of your time to beta playtest No Jump well I've got good news for you.
Keep an eye on the homepage for the mod or on the Website as I will soon open the inscription form to postulate for a job!
Sadly, I won't have anything in exchange for your time. I will just e able to credit you at the end of the mod and on the pages of the mod.
To postulate for a job, you will have to fill a form and upload your map.

That's all I've got for this Inside Post but don't worry, next month I will have more to tell you!
Also, stay tuned if you are interested in participating in the development of No Jump!

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