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Welcome to the fourth inside post. It will be a really short INSIDE POST as I couldn't work a lot on the mod because of my final exam in less than a month! Summary:1-General important information 2-Massive test chamber building 3-Help me with the mod

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1-General important information

Just a quick part to tell you, and if you follow my website you already know it, I won't be working as hard on the mod as I was late because I've got my final exam in less than a month and I don't want to fail. So full development will continue at the end of June with the beginning of Hollydays!
Also, as next year I'm entering college, I will have a lot more time to work on my projects as I will only have approximately 22 hours of school A WEEK.


Aperture Science is entering his yearly MASSIVE TEST CHAMBERS PRODUCTION need this year we will need your help! But we will talk about this in the next part.
Yet, I'm talking about it because I'll start making a hell of a lot of tests to experiment. Then, I'll play each and every one of them to keep the best one for the final mod.
That leaves us with the next part (nice transition)

3-We need YOUR HELP

If you have any experience with Hammer, you can create test chambers and send them to me. If I keep one of your maps for the mod you will have full credit and you'll be able to have your name in the credits and why not speak with me on my Discord server in the developer room! Keep in mind that the player can't jump!
Also, whenever mass production will be over (I think about the end of this summer, depending on how many maps I have) you'll be able to postulate for a Beta testing place for the mod! You will be credited as well and will have a special grade on the Discord server!
Now, if you are interested in helping me by any way, you'll have to fill a quick google form and send me your map. If you want to become a beta tester, you'll just have to fill the form. As I won't be starting MASSIVE PRODUCTION until the end of June, you'll have to wait until the next INSIDE POST to be able to enter the team!

Thank you really much for your attention.
Keep an eye for the next INSIDE POST to get the link to the form to help me.

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