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Dive in to what the Indies mean to IWL and find out a little bit about how you will advance through storyline modes.

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Today I wanted to get in depth with the game’s independent scene, where young bucks work and train to become the world’s big stars. As the current design stands, you will spend a number of game weeks on the independent circuit working and trying to get noticed by scouts from one of the “big shows”: Attitude Wrestling Entertainment,Ultimate Japan Pro Wrestling, and LLPM (la Lucha Libre Profesional de Mexico). How does this happen? It’s quite simple really, you must win matches and pull out all the stops to impress your potential employers!

You see, IWL will have a background scoring system running at all times. Certain moves at certain times may be worth more than other moves at other times. Repeatedly using the same move (spamming) will result in a degradation of the amount of points using that particular move is worth. This applies to finishers as well. There will be no restriction on when you can hit your wrestler’s finisher, and in fact, sometimes you may be able to end an opponent in under 10 seconds if you execute the move properly and at the correct time. However, you must keep in mind that your finisher is generally your most valuable move in terms of points, and if you ineffectively execute your finisher early on, it will not be worth the same amount of points later on during a bout.

For instance, let’s say your opponent has been beating you down the last 3 minutes of the match, your character is exhausted and weakened and your opponent is just about to finish you off. At the last second, you reverse his maneuver, putting him in to an “off-guard” state, giving you just enough time to execute your finishing maneuver’s button combination for the first time and put him away in an upset! This sort of scenario would award you your finishing move’s base score plus a victory bonus and an additional bonus for pulling off an upset victory.

But enough on scoring, back to the independent circuit itself. There will be no less than 7 unique independent feds in International Wrestling League, each in a different area or territory, and spanning no less than 4 countries including England, Canada, Germany, and, of course, the United States. These feds will also have unique rosters full of other up and coming stars who are not happy about you trying to take their spotlight. You will create rivals, and who knows, some of them might follow you up to the big leagues!

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