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In this article I go over the ideologies of this mod.

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Campaign Map Idealogy:
There should be a slow campaign experience. I want to make managing your economy a very important part of the mod, you will have to be strategic with what you build (and there will be a lot of buildings to choose from) and what you recruit. Conquering settlements will be somewhat easy without garrison scripts, but holding on to them will be very difficult. The campaign may aim for a Fourth Age style of slowness, pacification of provinces and buildings that will merge your culture into the existing one (for that settlement).

Battle Map Idealogy:
For the start of the mod, I want rosters to be limited, saxons, jutes, and angles will have their own rosters. Each of these will have maybe 7 units or so. I also want to implement A.O.R. recruitment, so you will be able to recruit other nationalities. On the battle map shield wall rules the day. Infantry should be the most powerful and heavy infantry with mail almost unstoppable by anything but archers and their counterparts. Troops will be hard to maintain and recruit, and finances will hamper how many you can have.

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