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With the first Pre-Alpha Demo starts the schedule of weekly updates!

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The Hunt is On!!

So, in case you haven't noticed, I have officially launched my first Pre-Alpha Demo (found HERE )! The demo is at this point a technical demonstration of mainly the controls and a introduction of what to expect for the upcoming demos.

What this does also tell you is that I am currently hard at work! As I see it, I have an obligation to produce an awesome product, so be prepared for weekly updates! Currently, I am looking to fix various issues that I've noticed with the demo.

If you want to know what fixes and tweaks I plan on completing, check out the link to my site:

Some of the fixes and tweaks I have done include:

- UI and screen resolution tweaks (done, and will be in the v0.11 update)
- Splash Screen and Start Screen fixes (done, and will be in the v0.11 update)
- Out of Bounds now slows ships considerably (done, and will be in the v0.11 update)- Exiting now returns ship's speed to normal (done, and will be in the v0.11 update)

There are many, many, fixes and tweaks that I will be adding to the Pre-Alpha v0.11 build. Currently, I am at work on:

- Having Engine health effect Boost capabilities
- Have engine shutdown on reaching 0 Engine Health

- Carrying mid-scene repairs from run to run

Along with the things I need to work on (in the "In Progress" portion of the above linked site), I have a lot of stuff that is needed to be done for the upcoming builds. I have also upgraded another thing, my website! It now has a gallery, a new blog (outside this one), and even some code examples!

Feel free to check it out here:

Well, that covers all of the news I have for this week. I'll keep you guys up to date next week for the 0.11 update!

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