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V0.08a has been published and should be downloadable in the the downloads section within the next few hours!

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V0.08a of The Hub is being authorized as this article is being written. Here is the changelog!

+ Added "Floatings Islands V2" map
+ Tweaked Deathmatch Settings
+ Removed fall damage (temporary hotfix for tp glitch)
+ Added "Speed Boost" powerup
+ Tweaked Player Controller settings
+ There is now "Version exclusive servers" So 0.07 players, cannot connect to V0.08 players.
+ Only 10 people can play in 1 lobby of Deathmatch
+ Games now only last 10 minutes!
+ Changed OnJoined() Text
+ You can no longer teleport to the same island.
+ Added new texture to "Killzone"
+ Added Cinema gamemode! (Currently only supports one video, whilst I create support for user's own videos)
+ Added "The Hub" (This replaces the level select scene)
+ Bug Fixes

I hope you enjoy the improvements that this update brings! Please be aware that there is a 20 CCU limit, and so if you have any problems connecting it may be better to try again later. I will be increasing this limit if it is needed in a future update.

I am currently figuring out how to create a fully functional cinema which will include a queue, user-requested videos, sitting in chairs, eating popcorn and much more!

Team Deathmatch has been delayed in this update, due to some problems with team spawning. I will be fixing this for the next update and it should make its debut in V0.09.

I have drastically changed the map for V0.08a. I feel like the previous version was too spaced out, and didn't have the effect that I desired. Of course I am a fan of quick fast-paced combat, and I wanted the teleporters to play a massive part in this, but they were the only way around the map, which was no fun. So, because of this, you can travel around several islands by "Island Hopping". This map is still early in-development, and do expect drastic changes in the future but for now, I am happy with it.

I have removed fall damage from this version. This is because of problems with the teleporting, where once the player had jumped through a tp pad, he would die from fall damage. Of course this caused problems and I am working on a new method of teleportation which will negate this from happening whilst also boosting the fun/tactivity of the game.

Thank you for reading this post! and I hope to gather feedback on the update, I may even stumble upon several of you in-game.

Brandon Sidebottom || Frozen Vortex Games

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