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We here at 12 O'clock Studios are proud to present our first game: The Horror at MS Aurora! This is our press release as seen on our site.

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The Horror at MS Aurora - Press Release

12 O’clock Studios are releasing their Lovecraftian Adventure/Horror game “The Horror At MS Aurora” Monday (2/9, 2013) on Desura. The game revolves around a small crew on a boat from Norway to Massachusetts, and its cargo. The goal has been to deliver a short, cinematic experience with focus on interaction and exploration rather than combat.

The Horror at MS Aurora is an adventure/horror game with a focus on being a short and cinematic experience with interactive cutscenes and a score performed by the Belarus Philharmonic Orchestra. It revolves around a small crew onboard a container ship that sets off from Bergen, Norway, heading towards Plymouth, Massachusetts. During the game the player will face the isolation and terror of being caught up in something terrible at sea.

The Horror at MS Aurora is developed by 12 O’clock Studios, a small studio residing Karlshamn, a small port town in Sweden. From the beginning the team consisted of around 10 people, but due to internal strife and the way life sometimes sneaks up on you while you least expect it they are now down to two people.

Parts of the soundtrack for The Horror at MS Auroras is conducted by Bernhard Wünsch, performed by the Belarus Philharmonic Orchestra and composed by Fredrik Häthén. The rest of the soundtrack is composed, arranged and mixed by Fredrik Häthén. The story of the Horror at MS Aurora was written by Victor Dahlqvist.

For additional information, pictures and videos on the Horror at MS Aurora, contact Fredrik or Victor by replying to this e-mail or feel free to use our presskit (, which includes more screenshots, logos, videos and a two part interview with Fredrik and Victor about the development process.

About 12 O’clock Studios

12 O’clock Studios is a Swedish independent game studio founded in January 2011. The focus is on creating short, immersive, powerful, interactive stories. The studio is housed at the Blekinge Business Incubator and The Game Incubator Network. Business relations with Imagination Studios and Dynamedion were successfully engaged for the motion capture and symphonic orchestra recordings of the score for The Horror at MS Aurora.


Fredrik Häthén
Music Composer, Sound Designer
Twitter: @FredrikHathen

Victor Dahlqvist
Story, Design

Official Channels:

Twitter: @12OclockStudios

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