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We've got some things to give you holiday cheer, and a new plan for rolling out updates in the future!

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Happy Holidays Folks!

We've got some cool things to show you, as well as plans for the future of the game's development!

First, check out this cool lineup we did of all the girls standing in your way! Throughout the game, you'll have to choose who to brutally murder, who to get rid of through social sabotage, and who to spare... for the time being. Each girl eliminated brings you one step closer to Senpai and him loving you, but keep your choices in mind, or else you may find yourself with a very bitter end...

The Deadly Lineup

The Deadly Lineup
"Left to right: Kameko, Izanami, Natsumi, Kasumi, Misaki, Midori, Miyaki, Momoko, and Ms. Chie."

We also did some more art of the other characters, so have a look below! Most of these will find their way into the game as the character portraits usually shown alongside various in-game options, dialogues, and conversations, though nothing is final!

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Kichiro the Senpai
"Kichiro is no lady-killer, unlike his soon-to-be-girlfriend, Misaki."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Ms. Chie the Teacher
"Ms. Chie gets to know her students a little too well sometimes... Misaki plans on teaching her a lesson."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Momoko the Deredere
"Momoko is just a cute girl who wants to do cute things in the cutest way possible."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Miyaki the Kuudere
"Miyaki has a habit of not giving a shit, although an encounter with a yandere like Misaki might break her composure..."

Lastly, the team and I think it might be good to do bi-weekly updates more often, meaning that we'll be posting updates like this once every two weeks. This would mean more stuff to show across the board, and more time in which to do it! Let us know what you think, and how often you'd like to see content like this posted!

That's all for this week folks, but know that we'll have lots more time over the holidays to give you slightly belated gifts, in the form of new music, artwork, sprites, and progress in RPG Maker! Stay tuned till then, and follow us on Twitter and on our game page to stay up to date on all the insane things we'll be cooking up this month!

Have a crazy holiday!

- TheHyde and the Yandere Interactive Team

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