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"In the North The shipwright resided untill the last ship was ready to sail to the blessed Realm"

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Hello today ill tell you about the high elves Fraction.

These are there subfractions
The Grey Havens(3rd age elven subfraction and it is the starting subfraction)
Rivendell(3rd age Elven Subfraction but it is only avaliable after Lindon Subfraction is built)
Lindon( 2nd age elven fraction and it has Erigorn and Last Aliiance minifractions)
Elves of Valinor(First age Elven Fraction but cirdan must be trained first. It has minifractions but you have to wait)

Today ill tell you about the grey havens.

There main hero will be Cirdan. Heres his Skillset.

The Eldest Elf=Lindon and the elves of Valinor subfractions are now avaliable(level 1 passive )
Guards of The Havens=Cirdan summons 3 Lindon sentries(level 3)
The Shipwright=Cirdan Summons three transport elven ships(level 5)
The Ring of Fire=Cirdan gets 25 percent more armour and damge and now he is resistant to fire(level 7 passive)
Lieutenant of Gil Galad=Cirdan temporarily summons Gil Galad and three elite last Alliance Warriors

Here are there buildings.
Sentry Post=Builds Mithlond Sentries(Warriors) and Mithlond Archers
Sentry Tower=Defensive tower

The Grey Havens have a Mini fraction called the old forest.

This gives you your second hero Gildor the guardian of elves travelling to the havens and he is built from the Elf Camp.Here his Skillset.

Guardian of Travellers=Leadership bonus(level 1 passive)
Blinding Light=Gildor shines his lamp at his enimies,killing them(level 3) We camp here t summons a Elf Camp(level 5)

At the Elf camp you can train elf civilians who you can send to your sentry post and they become Defenders of Mithlond.

Finally you can build tom Bombaldi's House where you can recruit him and his wife GoldBerry and you can also train the hourns of The old Forest in the building called 'trees of old'

Next time ill tell you about the other subfractions

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