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Brink of Extinction will receive another update in mid/late February.

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This is just a short announcement of one of the things included in the next update for Brink of Extinction. This time around a new type of endless mode will be added. As a complement for the rush and base defense type levels that are in the game today (four of each), there will also be a new level called "The Hexagon".

The Hexagon level is a yieldless endless mode level, meaning that your starting funds are your only means of building turrets. However, all funds (minus damage taken) will be reimbursed when selling turrets. Since there are no yields from enemies, time will be the only way to get a score (as such only a time scoreboard will be added).

Aside from this, I am hoping to get the Mac version in with this update. There should also be a handful of further optimizations made to the game.

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