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Just got verification, things are going! This news is just to outline the benefits of the Irish group for moddb users from Ireland and aims of the Irish group in general.

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The main benefits having a moddb group for Ireland in particular:

-Timezone- This is probably the most obvious of all the benefits, having a group of people that will generally be availiable around the same time of the day leads to more interest and use of the group. In terms of modders it leads to increased production and efficency in terms of modding overall.

-Community- It can be daunting for new users to join an entire internet community at first thus leading to alot of people being overwhelmed and turned of the idea. The Irish Groups allows for a gateway to the larger community for Irish users, this is great for helping more Irish moddb users become regular using. Once this cycle starts it boosts and can generate a brilliant community for all us Irish mod enthusiasts.

-Friends- I'm sure we all have Irish friends [in person and on the internet] out there that would enjoy getting involved in games but don't know where to start. Well this could be just what they need! This allows for a great aspect on playing mods and creating mods, in person team work! When creating a mod this can add a whole new perspective on the mod in progress and for playing mods it can add an entire new dimension of fun for all involved.

-Competitions/Tournaments etc- In the future when group members become more friendly to eachother perhaps meetings could be set up for groups of us to have lan competitions. Online tournaments of course can be set up. Just

I will add more benefits to this list in the next news update. Feel free to email any benefits or ideas to

The main aims of the group are as follows:

-To create a fun gaming Irish community that we can all be a part of
-To help boost the gaming industry in Ireland
-To showcase work done by Irish gamers, of any kind.
-To help all Irish moddb users
-To, perhaps, get a mod/development group going in Ireland.

More aim's will also be added in the next news.

Happy modding!

PS: Please send any original media you wish to have posted up on the group to
All mod related media is accepted. Note that Irish gaming culture media, Irish culture in general and general Irish media is also accepted although please have some relation back to mods in some sense.

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