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A new step in creating an immersive environment and having fun with shaders...

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Here they are, the first screenshots of the grotto.

With this environnement we wanted to break away from the sweetness of the lush valleys to dwelve into a mysterious crystal world; imagine a century old place, filled with strange stalagmites and colored crystals that would sing their own natural music : drops of water, winds blowing through the rare openings and unknown growls...

Both quiet and dangerous, the grotto will be the first step to introduce the "tactical" part of our gameplay; as the player will obtain the "strong arm" mutations and use them to break rocks, push logs and make the earth shake !

With the help of the jumper, the player will have to combine both mutations to succeed into leaving the grotto safe and sound !

We hope you will enjoy this part of the game as we are working really hard on it.

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