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New update that includes new graphics for the game and animations that make the change of dimension less confusing. It also includes the Greenlight page link and the new demo download!

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To vote Snowroll on Greenlight click here
To download the new demo from IndieDB, you can click here
To download it from an external server (because sometimes all mirrors from IndieDB are down), click here

Snowroll now looks more awesome with some more realistic textures and the addition of fog in the levels. The animations that played while switching dimensions have also been upgraded! Even the color of the main light has been changed to give a warm feel in the fire dimension.

In this image you can see the comparison between level versions:

The Graphics Update

The new ice/snow/rock textures are more realistic since they now have a specular component:

The Graphics Update

Switching between dimensions now feels more realistic with the addition of thunders and it does not leave the player with a black screen for some miliseconds. You will always see what is going on!

The Graphics Update

The last change involves the lights. Now the snowflakes and igloos have their own light!

The Graphics Update

Here you have the complete changelog:

Changelog Demo v1.04

- Added fog in light rendering.

- Added "Thunder" effect when changing to fire.

- Added lightspots on snowflakes and igloos.

- Changed dimension change animation.

- Changed light color in fire dimension.

- Changed light intensity in snow dimension.

- Changed snow, ice and rock textures for new ones that have specular component.

- Changed lava sound volume from 0.5 to 0.65.

- Changed "Default Contact Offset" from 0.1 to 0.001 to avoid "gaps" between colliders that are together.

- Removed skyboxes from levels.

See you soon!

The Mountain Dog Team

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