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Here are the Generals for the new mod Day Of Darkness;but take caution: Once viewed the Days Of Darkness will begin

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------------------------------------------------------INCOMING TRANSMISSION-----------------------------------------------------
Inteligence Report Tri-Beta-Zero:

Here's the data you requested commander:
UNA Generals...
General Mϋller
-Germany-High Tech/Smart Weapons and Vehicular Weapons
General Townes-USA-Laser Weapons and Aerial Weapons
General Kirov Boris-Russian Federation-Nuclear/Radiological Weapons and Vehicular Weapons
General Tao-China-Infantry Weapons and Vehicular Weapons
General Winston-Great Britain-Fortification Weapons and Explosive Weapons
MEA Generals...

General Mohommad-Iran-Chemical Weapons and Explosive Weapons
General Ali-Iraq- Stealth/Speed Techonlogy and Infantry Weapons
General Jameel-Syria-Rockets/Explosives and Armored Weapons
General Matta-Pakistan-Helicopter Weapons and Armored Weapons
General Yunus-Afghanistan-Artillery and Radiological Weapons
GLA Generals...
General Mosuf-Gamma Strike Cell-Biochemical Weapons and Armored Weapons
General Moliam-Scorpion Strike Cell-Rockets/Explosives and Incendiary Weapons
General Yosuf-Marauder Strike Cell-Radiological Weapons and Explosive Weapons
General Yoliam-Falcon Strike Cell-Stealth/Speed and Bioexplosive Weapons
ANA Generals...
The ANA we have only just heard about; so far our HUMINT, SIGINT, and OSINT intel sources have no idea of their generals or their command structure. But don't worry; The boys at intel we'll have that info soon enough.
General Mϋller
Supreme Commander of UNA

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