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The third and final part of an explanation about the Gemini Wars comic, which will give an insight on the background of the main character.

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…So this brings me to the conclusion.

With so many gamers being avid comics and animation fans, and with all the other Collector’s Editions artwork material from gaming powerhouses having such high levels of quality, I knew that the comic would have to step up it’s game and had to be the most dynamic comic I’ve ever made in 14 years as a professional artist. It has to be “make or brake”, no doubt.

It has to be something that’s justifiable of a “collector’s edition”, and also enrich/pay homage to the overal dedication that the rest of the team has put into making “Gemini Wars”. I didn’t want to fall back, as I’m pretty sure that to all of us, this project represents the pinnacle of a next step in doing what we know that we can, and do, best.

And I can tell you, It didn’t took just one day to make… There’s a lot of hours of hard work – and sore drawing hands – put into this just to be sure.

This is why there weren’t any shadows in the previous linework. The whole idea from the start was to draw the entire comic like if it was some sort of animated movie, with vibrant colours and detailed backgrounds and lots of cool shiny stuff, that gives it a functional and used look. Which is important, as I belive that to any environment or character, credibility is the most important part (right before looking cool, that is.)

These examples are very close to the final print of the comic, but, as I know that one screen is diferent from the other, I’ve set up two versions so that’ll compensate for screens with less brightness configs – that way you can better see the detail and get an idea of what’ll be like in the end.
After this, the only step remaining is the text… But of course, for that, you’ll just have to pick up the comic I guess.

What? You didn’t think that we’d give away all the goodies now, did you? :)

See you in the next page!


The Gemini Wars comic - part 3
The Gemini Wars comic - part 3

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