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Because the Germans got their Ozelot, we are now working on the Gaskin again.

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Because the Germans got their Ozelot, we are now working on the Gaskin again.

The Gaskin is one of our oldest current Projects. He is already ingame for a long time, but had to wait for its counterpart. Since the Ozelot now is in developement, Nightmare and TASS are working on the Gaskin's last details.

The SA-9 Gaskin is an anti-air-rocket-tank from the cold war, that was taken into the soviet army in 1972. It's an anti-air-version of the BRDM-2 armoured reconnaissance tank, that fights helicopters and jets with ground-to-air-missiles

The guided missiles are mounted on top of the carrier. The tower can be turned 360° and is completely carted in while driving. The rockets are a modified version of the Strela-2 (SA-7 Grail). To increse precision the rockets are fired with a delay of 5 seconds. Reloading is done by hand and takes about 5 minutes.

The facts

  • Crew: 3
  • Length: 5,75 m
  • Width: 2,35 m
  • Armour: 14 mm
  • Engine: V8-Zylinder-Otto-Motor 140 PS (103 kW), Typ: GAZ-41
  • Max. velocity: 100 km/h
  • range: ca. 750 km
  • min. reach: 800 m
  • max. reach: 4200 m (9M31), 8000 m (9M31M)
  • min. height of target: 30 m (9M31), 10 m (9M31M)
  • max. height of target: 3500 m (9M31), 6100 m (9M31M)

The Gaskin is already ingame and we want to give you some pictures after all the technical stuff.

Till the next update

Your OPK-Team

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