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I was playing the unfinished version of the game until an idea pops out of my mind.

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Adding Something?
I was really enjoying the game while playing it and to be honest, I was hit by my own jumpscare XD Like I nearly have a heart attack! LOL I forgot there's a jumpscare in that certain place hahahaha. So now, I was exploring the places when suddenly, I decided to...yes...keep guessing....the environment was too spooky but still its missing something...go ahead keep guessing...yes! The I'm adding someone who will chase the hell out of you X) Like you're just walking there, finding your current objective, when suddenly, "grrrrrrrrr....", BETTER RUN! :)

Development and Release Updates

From Christmas to the New Year celebration I didn't really have the time to work on the game because we were so busy preparing stuffs like foods for our visitors and etc. I barely have the time to work but still I manage to add some little upgrades on the game. For now, the development is continued and is doing good. And as for the release date, January 31, yes its still 31, nothing has been changed for now.

So stay tuned! God bless and Happy New Year to everyone of us! :)


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