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This is just a notification that the game should by my understanding work properly.

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I do apologize for anyone that has gotten frustrated or stressed because of the earlier version of the game. A level didn't load which caused a crash plus there were some areas that were accidentally made impossible. Everything should be fine by now. I have checked the game and nothing seems to make the game impossible or crash. Of course, you may find those bugs or errors here and there, but nobody's perfect. I mean even the best games probably have some. Well, anyways if you downloaded the game earlier than May 26, 2015 there most likely is an error. So, re download it (keep your saves to make sure they work) and try it again. I do apologize I missed some stuff. Even the worst reviews helped me so much in so many ways. So, thank you for the criticism. It definitely helped the game. I should of been a lot more observant. I didn't even expect the game to be as big as it is. While I'm still writing this post, I've noticed a bunch of lets plays of the game. I do appreciate them a lot (even the ones in different languages). If I find a series good enough, I may even ask you if I can feature it on the page! Keep making those. Again, thank you and everything should be set for the game. If otherwise, just inform me. I'm not doing this for myself, it's all for you guys to have a little fun getting creeped out.


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