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Dice is important feature in the Mythos The Awakennig and this article opens it a little bit.

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The game of dice with so called ”Doom Dice"

Every start of the turn the doom dice is thrown. Dice works as so called “destiny deck” in some board games, It will brings random effects to game for example spawn more gate to location or summon monsters from the location which have gate already open.

Dice also effect to difficulty to game, when ever the global sanity drops then dice rearrange himself adding or removing events in random order. There may be more monster spawnings and activations coming or new rumor threads in next dice throw, but there also can have more empty or world events possibilities which may be positive or negative.

With the dice, we wanted to bring thrilling atmosphere that is key elements in H.P. Lovecraft's stories. You newer know what dice will bring you next.

Di reform gif

DI thrown

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