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The future of the mod, hopefully a bright one! I'll continue working on this as long as i can, trying to deliver something proper for once!

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This mod is not done in the slightest, there's a lot more stuff to do!

So here's a tiny progress chart:

Phase 1 - Ideas - Done
Initial mapping, storyline & stable releases.

Phase 2 - Immerson - Done
Custom code, hl2 gameplay elements removed.

Phase 3 - Horror - Partially done
Horror elements, creepy sounds, more hidden silhouettes etc.

Phase 4 - Polishing - Very little done
Making everything look pretty, replace models and textures.
Add more cutscenes, add voice acting (someday at least).

All this will of course take time, and it's been more than a year now, gotten pretty far.
To get more source material i have to wait until spring/summer to get the proper textures and sounds, but i might get away with placeholders.

More music will hopefully come alive too, just gotta make up a theme for it.
I work on this almost every day - a couple of hours. With a full time job this really pushes my limits.

But I'm not bored with it yet, so I'll keep going! Hang on for more updates!

Capt.Host - - 853 comments

It's good to know that you're still working on this mod. Being a one-man team isn't easy and I understand you want to release versions of the mod that aren't polished so you can get feedback and improve. It's a shame that this mod kinda has a bad reputation because it sure has a lot of potential.

Keep doing your good work. I'll be waiting for more ;)

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MrBrax Author
MrBrax - - 37 comments

Yeah the first versions were bad, and the people who wrote reviews then probably won't update them.

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SPY-maps - - 2,910 comments

That is always the problem with uploading raw versions of a map or mod.
Because a lot of people will not follow and play it anymore when a later and better version is released.
I do understand the need of getting feedback, therefore it probably is much better to make use of beta testers. There are many people who want to test stuff and give you feedback. This way the problem is solved.

much success,

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