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This is a brief road map sort of thing that will explain what id like to do in the future.

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It has been almost 20 days since i decided i would make this mod in my spare time and it has been a great few weeks. This article is just so i can get feedback and ideas for what you guys would like added in the future.

Roadmap from 1.3 to 2.0

  • 1.4- Planning on adding 2 more medium/small sized countries(picture below) Id really like to know what greek states you would like added and im willing to maybe go into the fictional side.16613

  • 1.5- Another 2 countries will be added and hopefully learn abit more on making focus trees.( If you know a bit about making focus trees message me on steam: )

AT this point in time i will be back at school doing year 11 so it important i work hard on school so updates may have less content and may take longer to finish.

  • 1.6-Regnum Seleucidarum will be added and resources throughout greece and the middle east will be adjusted to balance the states so you wont get demolished by a bigger state if you get in a war.
  • 1.7-Whatever is left of greece and turkey will be made into smaller states or given to some states for balance.I also will be adding flags for different ideologies for all countries.

  • 1.8- Custom political parties will be added for all countries (no portraits because i have no knowledge of how to add them). will begin work on 2.0 large update.

  • 1.9- Will hopefully start work on doing focus trees (i currently have a limited understanding of how to make them however i am looking to expand this knowledge or find someone to help me). Possible Fictional/Real state of your choice

  • 2.0- To be honest i have no idea, its really up to you guys on what this update is. It could be a Reunite the Eastern Roman Empire Focus or Something suggested along the way that i find big and awesome and i think will be good enough to show that the support you have given me along the way keeps me going.

Finally id just like to say thanks to everyone that follows this mod and is truly interested in it. Thank you and remember to leave a comment about what you would like added or just general feedback.

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