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Hello everyone, Trauma Affect has not died and in the full process of creation
a lot of things have changed in the past "Prologue" really a lot one of the most important things that has appeared is the plot
also I completely got rid of the dependence of Doom 2 wad and Freedoom 2 wad the game is now completely standalone and will even be released on in a free form.
The game also supports a new gzdoom feature - Discord RTC, which looks really interesting and new.

the game (note I said the game) will be distributed by episodes, along with the new prologue, there will be the first episode. don't worry if there are certain things that were in the prologue that you can download, the new prologue is completely new maps and features.
the game also has a couple of testers who are very happy with the result of the current labors and note the atmospheric locations and the staging of cutscenes (!!!)
there is still a lot of work to be done before the episode is released, there are also no deadlines, but stay in touch and follow the news, my Twitter, and my YouTube channel
Take care of yourself and stay safe!Screenshot Doom 20220310 235852Screenshot Doom 20220320 011452

Screenshot Doom 20220320 191233 1

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