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Most of the game seen in the demo will be completely redone, and will be barely resemble the demo at all in terms of gameplay. The same page will be used, but the game will most likely have a different name as well.

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So about a week ago, I started fleshing out this idea I had for a horror game with a strong center on gambling. Turns out, most people aren't a fan of this.

Because of that, the game is taking a new direction:
No more gambling, no more chance, no more saving a score.
Yes, that was the entirety of the demo, and taking that out would make a completely different game, but it's for the best.

The new game will have a focus on dealing with stress under extreme conditions (well, not that extreme).
There will be more encounters with enemies, but they will not always end in death (if you can deal with the enemies quickly). There will be actual things in the hallway besides a laptop on a little table. The halls will actually be random, with varying length, and varying scenery.

There will be two modes:
A story mode that has an ending and plot, and an endless mode that will be more simplified but will never end.

From this point on, I will start posting updates on the new version, so if you liked the demo because of the whole gambling thing, sorry.

Once the new version gets more fleshed out, the page will likely have a different name and description, but I will leave the old demos in the downloads for a while.

As always, thank you all for your support and feedback. Without that, this game would have been a disaster.

Sorry for making a crappy demo, the new game will be much better.

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