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Hi, its me, Sr Vortigaunt, as you know, i started this project a certain time ago, and i dont know how good it will be, how polished or how playable it will be. But, im still working on it, and i dont want to think too much of it, instead, i will develop this project little by little, until i get something "complete", in the rest of this article will have a bit of the mod's content, enjoy!

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So, at some time that i took on the development of this mod, i learned some things about modding, but its far away of being finished, now mostly the maps is way more polished, and even have lightning effects, there is the updated logo in this profile and a picture from this PROTOTYPE Office Chapter to prove some of my work, even if it is not complete.

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There is so many things that i want to make for this mod, but, i dont know how to do many things still, so stay tunned for more updates!

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