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There are exciting things on the horizone for Operation Battlefield for Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising. Check it out here!

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************IMPORTANT INFORMATION************
Somewere along the line it escaped my attention that in order to properly create missions with the Operation Battlefield template, you must download and install my database. This is basically Templar's completely awesome entity database with some modifications that I made to give PLA troops lights on their firearms and change the handling characteristics of some of the vehicles. You can read more about the entity database here.

At long last I've gotten the singleplayer code to run stable and give the action a good pace. That said, it's wothy of mention that I was unable to get much testing done in coop so there is a ctd issue that needs to be fixed. That would make fixing coop play item #1 on the todo list.

Aside from that, I have plans for a users guide to creating missions with the Operation Battlefield template. This release is very short of documentation and I'm aware, from my own experiences, of how overwhelming the mission editor can be to someone that's never used it. With that in mind, I plan to create a tutorial that gives detailed information about how to place the control zones and defend points to optimize your gaming experience. In addition, the tutorial will give an in depth explaination of how to use the editable variables to manipulate the mechanics of the game to create missions with very different dynamics.

Something that I'm really excited about with the release of Operation Battlefield is the opportunity that it gives the community, even the most inexperienced of mission makers, to create and share content for what has been one of my all time favorite games, Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising. If you create a mission and you enjoy it, I would strongly encourage you to share your mission. You can post links to you missions in the official Operation Battlefield thread on the OFDR forums.

Thanks for playing and keep your eyes peeled for updates.

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