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Our post Kickstarter update wraps up the future ahead of Cross Reverie

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Well it looks like we stirred up a crazy ruckus with going off Kickstarter :D Last few weeks have been quite an amazing experience while simultaneously being utterly stressful. We learnt so much, met many cool people and put Cross Reverie on the radar of many. Time for the facts and breakdown:

Our current budget

As a pre-cursor, we have to mention that we’re still autonomous and have a decent budget to complete the game without outside help. Yes we’ll have to use premade environments for some locations, not upgrade our 2 year old artworks and probably pallette swap a bunch for enemies. But it’s still a completed Cross Reverie for PC.

In light of this, crowd funding might not have been the best option for us but we still gambled on our work speaking for itself and so happy with our potential success. Thank you so much to all the backers that put their faith in us and believed in what we were going to bring about.

Publisher or Investor

We received publisher offers even before and during the KS following our prototype v2 release(including a verrry big name). But our answer has always been the same:

Cross Reverie started as a passion project and will be seeing the light of day as one

Some people might call us crazy or stubborn, but we prefer staying true to our vision with everything else being secondary.

And to the part everyone has been waiting for: Last week we got a very interesting offer from a private investor, different from what we had received so far and one that actually meshed well with how we wanted to do things. We were very much on the fence with the campaign already running but with everything checking out, it was just too good to pass on in light of what would be best for Cross Reverie. Doing both would’ve been superb but that was not a possibility. So here we are!

You can rest assured that this was not a decision we made lightly and not something we’d do without making doubly/triply sure we’d retain control on every aspects of the project and continue things the way they are now: a game by the fans for the fans shaped by the community’s feedback to create the ultimate experience.

What’s next

We’ll be focusing on the PC release and stick with the Q3 2016 release date for now. Our expanded budget will allow us to add in some of the content stretch goals we really wanted like the Story Arcs Twins of Darkness & Legacy of the Ancients as well as some other perks. Following the PC release, we’ll most likely start working on the console ports in the order of PS4/Vita, WiiU and Xbox and get to accommodate all our fans regardless of platform.

Hall of Memories

It’s also the reason why we didn’t push the new video yesterday showcasing the Hall of Memories as most of the commentaries would’ve been irrelevant now. Shiro was also not combat-ready (you can see him standing in the background) and since we’re no longer in a hurry, we might wait for Azar as well and wrap up the whole cast in prototype v3 before heading into some pre-alpha with our own environments.Memories

Closing Note

A bright future awaits the Reverie. We might look into putting up pre-orders and distribute some of them exclusive phantom skins we already designed, and of course, more funds never hurt when you’re making a JRPG. Thanks again everyone for supporting us, whether it’s helping us get additional exposure through spreading the word or just for your kind comments. We hope you’ll join us on this journey and will be looking forward to your feedback and thoughts on the many updates to come.

Until next time,

Kovalen ‘Destructor’ Ramalingam



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