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Here I'm gonna talk about the current goals of the project, and what to expect when it eventually comes out.

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Hi, welcome welcome!

This is a project of mine I've been working on and off on for the last few months, and a public alpha release may soon be on the horizon. So let's talk about that, and what this mod contains!

What is this mod?

First, lets ask the question of what IS this mod.

This mod is a Portal based multiplayer mod with Dethmatch and Team Deathmatch modes, with Capture The Flag and who knows what else planned for the future. Maybe even proper Co-Op, who can say.

When will the mod be released?

Whenever it's ready. I work on this mod whenever I feel like it, so there's usually huge bursts of progress with times of almost nothing happening in between them. There is currently a lot of issues (mainly crashing bugs) that need to be ironed out before I could even think of doing a public release.

Will there be OSX or Linux support?

No guarantees. There may be Linux support in the future but I can't say anything at all about OSX.

If you got any questions, ask in the comments!

I'll be sure to respond to any questions you have!

Thank you for reading this.


Will this mod contain portals?

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RykahKnight Author


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well that should be for half life

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