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More Enhancement news - and some details of the new 'underground' track!'

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Hey guys. Sorry for the long period of inactivity, but I have been working with a number of projects and trying out a number of maps. Since Portal 2: Aperture Enhancement is a mod set many hundreds of years after Portal 2 co-op, the old Portal test chambers have been moved into the depths of the facility. Unused by GLaDOS, these ancient chambers have rotted and decayed. Amy, the Test Subject in the mod, will end up in these chambers. I have begun work on one of these chambers - a decayed version of the old Test Chamber 15. It is currently WIP and I am running tests in a decompiled version of Valve's original Portal map (sorry, Valve!) which is posted in the screenshots.

More news as well: Enhancement will feature the Futbol! This glass ball was originally intended for a coop game, and breaks when it hits the ground. It has a dispenser and a catcher. Also, I have found that the Futbol testing elements are the only ones that can be painted purple with Sticky Gel. Interesting... I wonder if they were intended to work with it.

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