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We discuss the plans for production, updates, and announcements for this summer.

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This summer, our intention is to release the full version of the mod; in order to do that, however, we need to spend the majority of our time working on the last couple maps, the cutscenes, the voice acting, and the music. Now, thankfully, we have plenty of time on our hands, and, considering the fact that we've finished the majority of the mapping, we should be able to completer our goal. That being said, I would like to lay out the schedule for this summer.

Soon, the crappy header at the top of this mod's page is going to be replaced with something a little more appealing, and with the correct proportions/dimensions. Next, I am going to finish a small teaser (in the form of a cutscene) that I've been postponing for a while now, and it will be posted to the ModDB page.

I also intend to continue posting screenshots and the occasional news post here and there, as we'd like to show the progress leading up to the mod's release.

When we've completed just about everything and we're testing the full version before release, we will also create a 2-3 minute long trailer (featuring gameplay and original music by Arjuna Guatama), which will be posted at the same time that the mod is launched.

We're very excited to finish this mod, and we can't wait to release it and hear your feedback.

Thanks for your support!

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