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Finally The Fugitive 3 has been "custom story"-ized for specifically Steam users. Further information in the Content section.

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As I've been aware of for far too long, The Fugitive 2 and The Fugitive 3 have been impossible for certain people to play, as Frictional Games 1.3 Patch broke the Full Conversion Mod system, making them completely inaccessible and unplayable. However, after way too long and with this lying on my computer for a while now to be honest, I've decided to finally revamp this conversion mod into a custom story for those who cannot get it to work in the conversion mod setup it used to have.

I want those who download this version to take note about the fact that there are some downsides to this version of the mod, as some features and events can act in a weird behaviour or have been removed/changed entirely. The entirety of the mod however is still intact in a nice playable way and shouldn't affect the experience all together.

Have fun playing!

SwedishGames (aka Team Eon)

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