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NovaBox Studios proudly announces the release of the first prototype for The Foundation. Links are included in the article. Download, evaluate, and post your feedback to help influence the creation of The Foundation.

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It's finally here!

The first prototype release of The Foundation is available. As it is a prototype it has very few features at the moment, however it should allow for the generation of valuable hands-on feedback at an early stage of development.

This won't be the only prototype that will be released either. As big pieces of functionality are released new prototypes will be released. This should allow for The Foundation to be guided by the community during the entire development process.

For this prototype (0.0.3) I'm looking for feedback in the following areas:

  • Camera Feel
  • The Geoscape
  • UI Appearance
  • Control Scheme

Feel free to report any bugs you find as well. All bugs and feedback should go through the IndieDB forums if possible, but I will try and keep up with feedback wherever I receive it. An updated list of bugs will be kept on the IndieDB forum as well.

Get your copy from the following download links:
Windows 32
Windows x86_64

For your reference here is a basic list of controls:

    • Left Click - Interact, Hold to drag earth
    • Right Click - Bring up Context menu on earth
    • Middle Mouse Click - Lock earth drag mode, click again to exit
    • Left, Right - Rotate earth around y axis
    • Up, Down - Zoom in and out on earth
    • Scroll Wheel - Zoom in and out on earth
    • Arrows - Move Camera
    • Scroll Wheel - Zoom in and out on base
    • Middle Mouse button - Rotate camera
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