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This is the third of a three part guide blog series on the overall User Interface of Brunelleschi: Age of Architects. We'll cover the options within the lower page framing bar which navigates the forums. This time the directions will be in standard rainbow order (ROYGBIV) and the theme is Nature.

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Watch for updates, the Forums are currently being integrated with the New Forums.

The Forums Bar: bottom framing bar

I. Forums Menus - The first option on the bar pops open a window with your forums menus. They're arranged in categories you have access to and open up to reveal all the juicy forums inside.

II. Up/Down Arrow - This flips the forums up and down on your screen. It also reverses the arrow each time it is clicked. In the image it is offering to suck the forums back into the bar.
III. Scrolling News - This cycles between recent forum events and will shortcut you to the specific conversations on whichever you catch and click.

IV. New Forums - Though not an original creation of the game, these are more standard forums the Dev team is currently working into the game. You should already have a forum account from character creation and post as your character, not your account.

V. Active Scenarios - These are what's going on in your Settlement right now. Whether it's supplying for a Refugee Crisis, celebrating Beltane, or fighting a war there's always a need for contributions. There's always a cost, and there's often a grand reward for completing these scenarios. Check out what's active and what you can contribute to through the Active Scenarios button.

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