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Experience the horrors of The Forgotten Ones once again in a polished and platform friendly update.

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Patch V2.9


  • Ported the game to Mac and Linux.
  • Picking up ammo is finally easier.
  • Fixed up the resource view HUD which displays items you've picked up, ammo for example.
  • Added a new weapon selection HUD.
  • Changed the inventory GUI, items are now drawn as 3D objects and they can be rotated/zoomed for inspection!
  • Removed Maps & Note storage in the inventory GUI.
  • Added new animations for running and item pickup for certain weapons, added holster and bash animations for all the weapons.
  • Removed melee weapons, you now use your weapon to bash instead. The bash feature will also knock the enemy away which will grant you some space in order to get away.
  • You can now melee attack with the Torch and Lantern.
  • Blood will splat when attacking ragdolls.
  • You now get notified if you're carrying max ammo for the ammo type you're trying to pick up.
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by FMOD.
  • You can no longer escape to the main menu when you're in the inventory, credits view, note view or dialogue view. (ESC closes)
  • Fixed up all the VGUI and HUD textures with ugly white borders.
  • The Inventory and Note Panel now fades in/out when opened/closed.
  • When the Credits Panel is active you can now click on ESC to return to the main menu right away.
  • Added Film Grain, you can also change the intensity of the film grain.
  • Removed Custom Story Support.
  • Updated the Keyboard Options GUI.
  • Fixed a bug which would prevent Subtitles from working even if it was toggled in the options.
  • Added some new thirdperson animations.
  • Fixed a bug in the sprint and health bar which would not display the right value.
  • Updated the console GUI.
  • Added a second hitbox on the twin npc's second head.
  • Added physic meshes on inventory items which didn't have any.
  • Fixed a bug which would not lower the music volume when you changed it in the options or in the console.
  • Replaced some achievements to fit the new features.
  • Fixed a bug which would force a red overlay above the HUD when you changed resolution or graphic options.
  • When blood splat on you it will now be drawn on the viewmodel.
  • Fixed a bug which would flicker all glowing entities when you picked up an entity which were glowing.
  • Glowing items will no longer glow through the viewmodel.
  • Fixed some missing textures on the FG-42.
  • Fixed a bug which would reset the view roll effect when strafing left or right while shooting.
  • Nerfed Schienzel and the Twins.
  • The console will no longer interpolate slowly when in-game. (when opened/closed)
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the main menu from fully loading sometimes.
  • Main menu music will now fade in/out properly.
  • Fixed a bug in the main menu buttons which would not allow the hover sound to be played properly if you hovered over the buttons back and forth fast.
  • Fixed a possible crash when opening the inventory when you were about to transit to another map.
  • Added a new melee system.
  • Fixed some issues with animations 'overlapping', animations will now play in sequence so they don't clip.
  • You can now find and use the Panzerfaust.
  • Fixed a bug when using inventory items, sometimes you'd play a voice over which indicated that something went wrong even if it didn't.
  • Improved the bleeding system, you now spawn more visible blood.
  • The loading screen now reports the actual loading progress so it will no longer spin back and forth.
  • Soldiers can now jump.
  • Simplified the inventory system.
  • The Psychopath achievement has been nerfed.



  • Added new soundtracks provided by Shannon Lawlor and Jason Sutherland!
  • Added a chapter title show off system.
  • Remade the first chapter.
  • The door opening sounds should be more in-sync.
  • Fixed a bug which would occur if you ran away during transitioning through doors, this would prevent the player from going to the next area.
  • Fixed a bug which would create instances of entities in previous maps into the next map when you transited, these entities were spawn/teleport points. If these points had the same target names as other entities in the new map it would create conflicts with these entities. For example being teleported to the wrong area when going back.


  • The voice over when you enter the vehicle after the intro scene should no longer stop playing.
  • Optimized some various parts near the hotel.


  • When you go in the hut outside to pickup the lantern it will now spawn one enemy instead of two.


  • Fixed a bug with the TNT's, if you had picked up a certain amount and died attempting to get them all it'd say that you still had that amount when you returned.


  • You no longer hear random geiger/radiation sounds.


  • Added a hint with the bookcase to help the player figure out how to open it.


  • It is now easier to pickup the key from the chest.


  • The dialogue with Schienzel has been shortened.
  • Fixed missing specular map for the Chef boss.


  • Removed some 'invisible' walls.

Mac and Linux issues

Please post anything else in the 'Bug Reports' section!

  • The boss bar only displays the first character of the boss's name.
  • The Chapter Title show off only displays the first character in the title string.
  • Some of the subtitles doesn't show up for every voice over.

The future

It is over a year ago since TFO got on Steam, it received harsh critics mainly because it had PewDiePie references and it was rather hard. I intended to add more stuff in this update, time is not on my side unfortunately. The next version of TFO will most likely include the sequel, stay tuned for more.

Source Code

I've also released the source code on my GitHub page for those of you who'd be interested in learning/using some of my work.


I tried out the new version, and it has gotten a lot better since it first came to Steam.

I'll write up a review once I get the time.

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I was waiting for this update is now finally i can play this mod.

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