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This week on The Forgettable Dungeon, I taught chickens to feel emotion and learned how to throw teammates down ladders effectively.

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Things have been progressing really well lately, the last weeks have been mainly focusing on improving overall effects and game feel.

I added new emotes for the monsters, these ones are much clearer and more entertaining than the past versions.


New animations for descending down stairs ladders. One way to revive fallen comrades is to throw them down a ladder, effective at reviving them as well as entertaining.


New status text above enemies and players, and XP Now gravitates towards your player for less tedious collecting.


Finally I cleaned up and shrunk the in game UI a bit, it's a subtle change but overall it feels much more open and less cluttered.


My next personal goal is to get a decent build working by the Boston FIG indie showcase deadline,

Anyway, as you can tell from this post I'm not much of a writer. If you guys want I can go a bit more in depth on things next update, though personally I've always enjoyed more gif centric posts.

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