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New Font with support other languages like German, France and Russian.

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Hi guys!

In a game full of the text the main bottleneck is a font. The font should be readable and not complicate the player's life. But choosing a font is very difficult process, as is its color. Plus, here goes the screen resolution and everything is getting worse.

I was planning to order a font. Make it like the old pixel (no, there is no thing like this I guess, but they are very similar to pixels) IBM PC fonts. But, unfortunately, the designer couldn't get the job cause he is very busy. So, I decided to look for a free font that would pass under three main requirements:

1. Absolutely free, up to commercial use.
2. Cyrillic support and at least a couple of languages - French and German (maybe someone will translate it if I find money for this)
3. And my favorite test a set of symbols - "Illegal1 = O0" (zero, letter O, numeral one, and English l and cursive letter l (L)

And I found it. This is the Iosevka font. It's totally free and almost passes the point #3

I will not stop looking for the font of my dreams, but so far, the choice has been made. I hope you like the font. And even if not, it will cause less irritation than Comic Sans.

One more thing. The font size on the screenshots is the minimum that can be set in the game, further - you can only make it larger. The font size changing option will be for sure.



And I'm still in progress of creating models for the environment.




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