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This is the plan for Assault Horizon comeback and abit of insight on future plans. Please leave a comment if you got any feedback or suggestions.

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The "Five-star" Update will be the first update to be released for the comeback. Plain simply what i do is that i have made a small list of all vanilla units. There are about 2 tanks for each factions and some faction have 2 artillery unit and so on. I will use this as a base for the resurrection progress of AH.

First off is China. I will redo all units in vanilla china and release it as a new faction. The PLA (People's liberation army). I will leave Vanilla China with its AI so you can play against it for now. So by only replacing the units i do not have to make the whole china nations army... yet.

After the "Five-star" update i will continue on with a new update, maybe it'll be the "Stars and stripes" update or maybe it will be the '"Freedom fighter" update (wink wink). The next update will either way replace an old faction (USA/GLA) or be a new faction with the basic units to counter the vanilla factions. I will also try to release new units for the old remade factions in future updates. In short it will look like this.

  • "Five-star" Update.
  • Next faction update + maybe 1-3 new units for PLA.
  • Next faction update + 1 unit for PLA and 1-2 unit from the previous faction.

and so on and so on.Bear with me now guys, this will take a little while, i estimate about 1-2 months for the first update. But it will come, and atleast we're back on track.Thank you all. Outcast out.


Here's a little something for you. I replaced "China Helix Gunship" with the CAIC WZ-10 Gunship. The CAIC WZ-10 Gunship, as you all know, is built for one role only, to blow stuff up. This resulted in China lacking a transport helicopter (The helix is both a gunship and a transport in vanilla). So i added 2 helicopter to replace the vanilla helix. First the canon replacement. The Kamov KA-27 "Helix", remade from scratch to replace the transporting part of the helix helicopter. And the CAIC WZ-10 Gunship to replace the gunship part of the vanilla helix.


I really am glad that you are back in action on the mod.

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cant wait to see whats in store for US/more china units

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