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Yes comrades, the first faction to be modded into Red Alert 3 is here, and, it's the Conker Faction!

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I warned you commander, but, you never listened, you couldn't peice togethere the clues, and now, I'm afraid, it's too late.

Commander, behold, THE CONKER FACTION.


100% Green PowerPlant
Conker Barracks
Conker Factory
Air Terminals
Ore Collection Station
Tech Up Place

New Units:
Sniper Troopers: The best infantry around, although they can't attack vehicles/buildings.
Light tanks: The power of a gaurdian tank, except with the ability to go WAAAY back in time.
Elite Trooper: Shotgun weilding bad asses in metal suites, they can also blow themselves up.
Mechanics: Units who carry around a repair drone.
Light Kirov: A faster, tier 2 kirov, which has lighter armor, but has a rapid fire bomb cannon system.
Heavy Drone: An armored terror drone.
Specialty Engineers: They build everything you need.

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