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We take a look at the last things Lethal Lens were working on before Project Icarus was cancelled.

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While our new game is well under way with development. I felt like it was time to release the very last things we were working on.

The Finalization of the Hossuun.

As you can see from where we started to what the finalized model was supposed to look like, the Hossuun when through an incredible transformation. The finalized model was so perfect, that we were really excited to show it off come the Teaser Trailer that was in the works.

The Teaser Trailer storyboard:

Yea, this was our planned teaser that was going to be shown off. Mind you, this was all still very work in progress, and didn't directly depict what the teaser was going to look like exactly, but it's fun to see what was going to be in store. The plan with this storyboard, was to have it run side by side with the actual teaser to see where it started to where it finished.

Project Icarus was a great big idea. An idea so big that it overwhelmed all of us as we worked on it. We wanted nothing more than to have this teaser out to generate interest, followed by a public alpha for testing. As we kept developing and working, the game just got bigger and bigger, a never ending tunnel if you will.

If we had a stronger more interested fan base, maybe we could have finished something off, testing wise, but unfortunately, no one really showed any sort of interest.

Our new title though, will hopefully get you all interested. We'll be showing that off soon, as well as a website you guys can jump onto and chat with us directly. Our new game will be called Transcending, so keep on the lookout for anything that pops up here.

This will be the last update for this page. Again, we thank you all for sticking around for Project Icarus this long. Nothing made me more happy than to see all of your comments. We hope to catch you guys on our new title!

-The Lethal Lens Dev Team <3

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