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News and listed content on the upcoming TFN 1.3 patch!

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Below is a list of bug fixes and new content introduced in TFN 1.3. This update will have several new features that will certainly add to the diversity on how you play the game. We are introducing a new character creation system where you choose the history of your character before their embrace. The background chosen will have a large impact on what skills and attributes your kindred possess and how well they can continue building upon these masteries.

In addition, your kindred may now specialize in computer hacking or lock picking and be rewarded accordingly. Prior to 1.3, taking these skills to 10 wasn't beneficial however this has changed in a big way. As a computer hacker, you can hack into computer bank accounts and steal money; and your skill will determine how much money you can steal and the level of security you can hack. As a master lock pick, many vaults, safes, and chests have been placed in the game for you to pick granting you anywhere from blood bags and cash to body armor. To go along with this, the female Assamite skin set will be featured in this patch allowing you to play this character. If that wasn't enough, TFN 1.3 has introduced a hardcore mode allowing you to play your character as a blank slate. Every attribute and skill point must be earned!

I hope you enjoy the changes and look forward to your feedback!!

TFN 1.3 Changes

Bug Fixes

- David Hatter twitching
- Changed Boris' safe from Lockpick 6 to Lockpick 8 and added $100
- Changed Hannah's safe from Lockpick 6 to Lockpick 8 and added $100
- Fixed blue line running down Assamite male model's head
- Fixed Baali auto-leveling template giving +1 Intelligence
- Fixed misspelling on Ishtarri description
- Russian Mafia party guests leave if any mafia members die
- Fixed Isaac saying evening twice
- Fixed misspelling of past-time in loading tip
- Fixed locked Temple doors if taking Ming Xiao ending
- No longer incur a humanity loss for stealing the charity box
- Ox no longer sells the Necklace of Saulot
- Map music no longer plays when in the character sheet
- No masquerade violation for discpline use around thin bloods

New Content

- Added Female Assamite to PC list
- Background History overhaul
- Bloodtimer stops during dialogue
- New Hardcore Mode
- Reduced cost for Silvia's services depending on Haggle
- Reduced Persuasion required to learn about Silvia and earn XP
- Humanity loss (at 6 or higher) for stealing/hacking from innocent kine
- Online Bank Hacking [Kilpatrick's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Jeanette's laptop]
- Online Bank Hacking [Dennis' computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Bertram's laptop]
- Online Bank Hacking [Carson's laptop]
- Online Bank Hacking [Danny Boyle's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Venus' laptop]
- Online Bank Hacking [Empire Arm's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Malcolm's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Milligan's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Pam King's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Ground Zero's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Flynn's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Edgar Hirst's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Tawni's laptop]
- Online Bank Hacking [David Hatter's laptop]
- Online Bank Hacking [Velvet's laptop]
- Added Body Armor to Carson's safe
- Added cash chest to Boris' suite
- Added cash chest to Dennis' house
- Added cash chest to Tattoo parlor
- Added cash chest to Gimble's basement
- Added cash chest to the Cathayan's warehouse
- Added cash chest to Kilpatrick's shop
- Added cash chest to the Junkyard
- Added cash chest to Milligan's apartment
- Added blood fridge to Plague Sewer
- Added (2) blood fridges to LA Hospital
- Added cash chest to Jezebel's apartment
- Added cash chest to Empire Arm's back room
- Added cash chest to Chantry's back room
- Added cash chest to Tawni's apartment
- Added cash safe to Redspot's back room
- Added cash safe to Red Dragon's upstairs
- More occult items for sale by Ox
- Changed character sheet musical theme
- Updated the credits


Hard to believe TFN 1.3 is just around the corner but Antitribu has "finished" development around 3 months ago but they're still sucking **** (with a 30% beta participation bar on their webpage).

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Zer0morph Author

I remember the Antitribu mod. Hasn't that been in development since 2009?

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Anyone else have a problem where you get no sound whatsoever?

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Zer0morph Author

That's a weird one, I've been playing TFN for the past few weeks with no problems. Hmmm...

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1 question man - when will this update come?

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Zer0morph Author

The goal is a February release. When in February, I'm not exactly sure yet. I'm finishing up the histories right now and still need to make the Assamite female skin set. After that, we will begin Beta testing it to make sure others enjoy the changes and that they're running properly. Then it's time to release. We should have an exact date set in the next week or two. It's coming though, I promise, I've been working on it every single day for the past month. :)

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Where can I download version 1.3?

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Zer0morph Author

You can download it here once it's released.

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Great Mod! But...i have a question. There is one thing that buggs mem, the mission despriptions in the game are awful. Is there some way to edit them. I would do it myself if I would know where the right data folder is with the missions descriptions in it. Since you are making youre own mission you could know. I founf nothing on google in forums or somewhere else that could help me...

When will 1.3 come out? Do you have a Website :P ?

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Zer0morph Author

The mission descriptions are located in this folder "\Vampire - Bloodlines\Vampire\vdata\system" and they are called quests_santamonica.txt, quests_downtown.txt, etc... Just open up notepad.exe and you can change them.

We haven't set an official release date for 1.3 yet because we ran into a huge bug with the histories this week, fortunately we fixed it and design has gone back into full swing. We're shooting for a late February release date. Our website is

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I noticed a bug involving the Kuei-Jin in 1.2 where you can't join them. Once you enter the temple to side with Ming Xiao, the door stays locked, and your journal doesn't update telling you you've joined with them. I tried it like 2 or 3 times and couldn't get it to work. I was playing Assamite at the time.

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Zer0morph Author

I found the bug and fixed it, however it still isn't updating the journal upon walking out of the temple, but at least you can leave and get back in the cab now. It's possible the journal updates at a later time.

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